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legends Network

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Roleplay First

We are proud to be a community of gamers who strive for high quality roleplay.  This means we put roleplay before all PvP.  We do not powergame, KoS, VDM, or RDM.

We enjoy PvP

This doesn’t mean we don’t like to bang it out when roleplay leads to this.  You’ll see many RP criminal acts that lead to explosive battles, wars, and all – around badassery.  We do have some dedicated PvP servers as well.

FiveM servers list

Across Multiple Titles

Grand Theft Auto V

Immerse yourself in a highly custom GTA V Roleplay experience.

Conan Exiles

First, they came for our family and our riches, but then we kicked ass.


“Is that a naked guy screaming Christmas carols with an axe?”

Arma 3

“4, report-in”….”WE GOT A MAN DOWN.”


Where defacating and dinosaurs come together in bliss.

Coming Soon...

Check back often as we’re always looking for more adventures!

Legends Network Spotlight

Grand Theft Auto V

Pure Roleplay Life Environment

  • Lots of public/private job opportunities
  • Recreational activities and events
  • Custom Map
  • Custom furniture and more!

Conan Exiles

Questing, Leveling, and Roleplay

  • Starter kits/levels for new players
  • Less focus on PvP and more on RP and Adventure
  • Custom hand-built quests and adventures
  • Tons of end-game content and more on the way
  • Mods are very focused on RP and immersion

ArmA 3

Invade & Annex | Wasteland | Liberation

  • Multiple servers & Game Modes to choose from
  • Whitelist Division Opportunities
  • Dedicated Server w/ Teamspeak (licensed)
  • Jackass.
  • Prefers Wine Coolers.


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